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Our full range of  home care services are flexible and can be tailored to suit your changing needs. Our comforting and helpful staff will accommodate any length of time needed. Whether your situation calls for short term home assistance or an on-going span of care, we’ll be there when ever you need us. Extracare services are flexible and “one off” or emergency services can be arranged at short notice.

Encompassing  a myriad of home support services, the members of our staff are sincere, understanding and compassionate workers who meet the needs of every client. Extracare is well recognised for our assistance to people from diverse backgrounds and different cultures. Our staff understand and respect the needs of all people.

Domestic Services

At Extracare, you choose any combination of home care support services you need, when you want and for how long.  Services can be combined to meet your needs. Domestic services include a variety of household tasks that include the following:

Home Cleaning

House cleaning service with a smile, is provided to maintain your house at a safe hygienic level as well as routine tasks:

  • Laundry, washing and hanging out.
  • Basic ironing.
  • Putting out and bringing in the garbage bin.
  • Cleaning out refrigerator and stove 
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping floors
  • Bathroom cleaning
  • General cleaning

This list is not all inclusive; if you have a need, let us know and we’ll do out best to remedy the situation. Extraccare support services will help keep your treasured living space as you or your loved one wishes it.

Meal Preparation

Whether you are disabled, injured or aging, preparing meals could become an issue.  When it’s difficult or impossible to cook a meal or prepare a snack, serious health issues will develop. Eating convenience food daily, especially if you or your loved one is on a special diet, can increase health problems.  

Extracare staff will provide meal preparation services in your home. Meals can be prepared ready to eat immediately or stored in the fridge or freezer to reheat at a later time.  Our staff will plan around your dietary needs or preferences, including cultural needs should they arise.

Personal Care

The level of assistance with showering, toileting or other personal care will vary with every person. You will be able to advise our staff your level of need. It may be that you only need staff to standby to ensure that you are safe while showering or they may need to fully assist you with your showering.

Your personal care requirements will be handled with understanding and dignity.

Medication Monitoring

When a person is taking medications on a regular basis they may sometimes become confused about what day or time the medication is needed.

To overcome any concern in this regard our staff are able to call in and ensure that medications are taken in accordance with the required routine.

Medications need to be in a sealed Webster Pack available through your local Chemist.

Shopping and Transport

Age, disability or injury can cause a mobility issue making it difficult to get to where you need to be. Extracare staff will transport you to your medical appointment, shopping or personal errand. We offer transport and physical support to help you maintain an active lifestyle. There is no need to be isolated when our staff can assist you to get out and about.

You may accompany staff to assist with shopping or they may do the shopping and other errands for you. They will accompany you to appointments, stay with you and bring you home. Do you need to be dropped off and brought home? Do you need someone to stay with you while at day care centres or other venues? Our Extracare Staff can do that too. Our transport services will help older people get to appointments, participate in community events, go shopping, or get out socially.


If you are the primary carer for a loved one there will be occasions when you need a break.

Extracare staff can ensure that you have time out for yourself and get the break you deserve.

Our staff are suitably qualified to provide all services and will follow your usual routine in accordance with your instructions.

Knowing that your loved one is being suitably cared for will give you the peace of mind needed to make the most of your time.

Respite services can be arranged for any number of hours in a day or overnight or for 24 hour care.