Our Team

From first contact through to getting the care you need the Extracare teams is passionate about helping their clients live a better life

Your first point of contact will be Tracey the manager of Extracare. Tracey’s role is to implement the services and allocate the work to our carers, who will be most suitably matched to support you. Tracey is understanding of your needs having previously been employed in a carers position in the years leading up to Extracare. Tracey was the first employee at Extracare handing pamphlets out to the local doctor’s surgery’s and hospitals. She then became a carer for the first person Extracare provided supports to, a lady 7days a week. Tracey drove over 1.5hours to provide a 1-hour service 7days a week. She did what she had to, to get Extracare on its feet. The business started to get more work employed more carers and then Tracey was offered an administration position. The years lead on through to becoming the manager of Extracare home services. She now has a great team of 37 support worker/ains and cleaners and 2 administration staff. She worked hard and it paid off.

Extracare currently provide ongoing services to thousands of people. “ It is greatly rewarding to be able to help people every day” – Tracey

Extracare employees’ people who are passionate about what they do. With many years of experience and also qualifications. We match the most suitable carer to the person’s needs, wants and goals for the best possible progress and care.

Extracare staff go above and beyond to ensure the best possible assistance is provided and listen to your requests. The service is varied to meet your needs, within guidelines.

The staff Extracare employs as carers are not people who are just looking for a job. Their first requirement of employment is to have a cheerful outgoing personality and an excellent understanding of the needs of the people who access our services.

You will find our staff will go out of their way to ensure that you receive the level of assistance that you need and will listen to your requests. They will vary the service to meet your needs, however, as in all other forms of employment they must work within set guidelines. This applies particularly in the area of occupational health and safety. There may be occasions when they need to refer your requests back to management and a satisfactory result will be achieved.