Our Team

From first contact through to getting the care you need the Extracare team is passionate about helping you continue to enjoy the comfort and safety in your own home.

Your first point of contact with Extracare will be with the office staff headed by Tracey the manager of Extracare. Tracey’s role is to ensure that the services meet your requirements and make sure our carers will be most suitably matched to support you.  Tracey has decades of experience and is understanding of your needs.  She previously worked in a carers position. Tracey joined Extracare in the initial stages of opening in Newcastle and districts. She assisted in promoting the company throughout the local area and then became a carer for the first person who needed supports through Extracare.

The business started to get more work employed more carers and then Tracey was offered an administration position. As a result of her dedication to the job and wide acceptance by the community for her caring supportive attitude Tracey now proudly holds the position of Manager of Extracare Home Services. She has a great team of 35 to 40 support workers at any one time and is assisted by 3 administration staff. The original founder of the business has long since slipped into the background and still provides financial and accounting support.

Extracare employs’ people who are passionate about what they do. With many years of experience who are qualified with certificates 3 and 4 in aged and disability care. We match the most suitable carer to the person’s needs, wants and goals for the best possible progress and care.

Extracare staff go above and beyond to ensure the best possible assistance is provided and listen to your requests. The service is varied to meet your needs, within guidelines.

The Extracare staff are people who are not just looking for a job, but are cheerful, outgoing  and have an excellent understanding of the needs of the people who access our services.