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Will you know when it’s time to ask for some assistance and possibly avoid hospitalisation?
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Hi Tracey and Cody,

Just wanted to pass on a huge thank you to Marcine and Extracare for her attentive support of my mum during service 24/5/2021.

My mum has been so lucky to be cared for by a team of such incredible, invested and caring workers. She was quite unwell today and ended up in hospital (she is doing a lot better), but had it not been for Marcine’s concern and realization that mum wasn’t quiet herself, things may not have gone as well today as they did.

Mum and my sister constantly tell me about how much they love the workers who support them, and talk about Marcine a lot – but i’m always really blown away when i see them in action first hand. 

Being a support worker isn’t easy, especially when there’s a crisis, Marcine today effortlessly coordinated health services, passed on past health history, ensured mum got to hospital safe with everything she needed, and kept mum and myself calm the entire time whilst she kept everyone in the loop about what was happening.

I’m endlessly appreciative to her and you whole team.

I  hope she knows how much her support has meant to my family.

Thank you again

Kind Regards


Mr Piggot

Mr Piggott is a 56year old man from Newcastle’s surrounding suburbs and was supported by Extracare for 2 ½ years. Supports included showering 5 days per week, cleaning, shopping and transport to dialysis. He also received supports from staff to complete a physio exercise routine 3 times per week.

Mr Piggott’s brother was his carer and made sure all supports were in place to assist his brother through everyday life. We set up services through his NDIS plan. We met with them at Mr Piggott’s house and we went through the whole service structure and explained how it would work.  Sadly, Mr Piggott has passed away, but he is always remembered by us as a nice man and will be sorely missed.

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