How much will it cost?

Extracare Home Services Pty Ltd is a recognised Aged Care Provider. Our business operations are conducted in accordance with the community common care standards.

Our rates for the cost of services are competitive with all other Aged Care Providers in NSW.

Rates vary for each class of service provided and will also depend on the time allocated for the service.

The total amount payable will be discussed with you prior to commencement of the services. When staff have other services to provide in the same area the duration of a service can be as short as 15 minutes for a call in and to monitor medication. Shower and meal assistance may only take 30 minutes whilst other services such as house cleaning or shopping may be for 1 hour or more.

Services are charged out in 15 minute increments.

All services are Invoiced after they have been provided and payment is required within 30 days from the date of the Invoice.

Additional Funding:

Funding:  Extracare Home Services Pty Ltd does not receive direct government funding towards the cost of services

We can assist you on a private basis. Our fees are not recoverable from Private Health Funds.

Extracare often contracts to provide services through other agencies who receive funding. When this occurs we are instructed by the agency as to what services are to be provided. The agency may also request Extracare to collect a small part of the fees from the client and the agency pays the balance.

If you are a client of an Insurance Company and are receiving services as the result of a Motor Vehicle accident or Workers Compensation then our fees will be paid by the Insurance Company and the services we provide will be at their direction.

Funding from both State and Commonwealth governments is available from a wide range of sources. Your Doctor or Social Worker at the Hospital may make arrangements for you in this regard.

You can make direct enquiries about the services and funding available from various sources by phoning the Commonwealth Carelink Centre 1800 052 222

Extracare Home Services Pty Ltd was established in Newcastle at the beginning of 2004 to meet the growing needs of clients and other agencies for an independent Aged Care Provider. We have a proven track record for immediate response to all requests for services.

Extracare Home Services is privately owned and the focus is on service. Through effective management systems our administration is kept to a minimum.

Initially we built a reputation that is second to none for services to patients who are discharged from hospital and need immediate care at home to ensure that they make a speedy recovery. This reputation has continued to grow and as one of the few privately owned local aged care providers we have been described by others as “unique”.