There is no better way to recover from hospitalisation then to receive quality care in the familiar surrounds of your own home. While you are still not feeling the best the one thing that you don’t want to happen is to have a fall and end up back in hospital.

Falls don’t just happen because you slip on the floor. Make sure you remove any mats or other items on the floor that can cause you to trip. It may be time to throw away those comfortable old pair of slippers and buy some that fit well and have a good non slip sole. If you are able to mop up any spillages do so immediately after they happen.

Don’t try and do all your usual tasks until you have settled back into a routine. Eating and drinking properly¬†are essential to avoid dizziness. If you drop an item on the floor try to remember not to immediately bend down to pick it up. Wait until you feel you are ready to pick it up. If dizziness is an ongoing problem there are simple to use devices available to assist you to avoid bending.

If you live alone it is well worth considering the purchase of an emergency telephone call system and if you have one of these do not forget to have the call button with you at all times.

In summary:

  • Remove any tripping hazards
  • Wear suitable footwear
  • Take your time
  • Eat and Drink properly.

Wait for the assistance that has been arranged for you to arrive before going about your daily tasks. Your carers will be delighted to see you make a full recovery.