Case Studies

Case Study:  Mrs. Andrews –  Hospital Dischargee

Mrs Andrews, is an 85 year old great grandmother and has lived independently since her husband passed away 10 years ago. An unexpected fall resulted in a short period of hospitalisation and the need for assistance at home when she was discharged.

Mrs Andrews suffered an injury due to a fall. She even tried to refuse medical assistance when the neighbours called an ambulance, but eventually was taken to hospital. Upon discharge, this very independent elderly lady went home with her wrist in a plaster cast. She realised that she needed assistance with her normal daily activities, but was too proud to admit it.

Her family insisted she get help, so they enlisted the home services of Extracare.  During the first day Mrs. Andrews reluctantly let the staff do some housework. With one hand in plaster Mrs Andrews still insisted on doing her own showering but as she gained confidence in the Extracare staff she was thankful that they were there to assist when needed. She maintained her privacy but not at the expense of deterioration of her personal hygiene.

Assistance with housecleaning and shopping continued after Mrs Andrews had recovered. Family, friends and neighbors now have the peace of mind in knowing that she is living in a clean home, she is eating well and someone is looking in on a regular basis to make sure she is safe. Mrs Andrews continues to welcome the Extracare staff and looks forward to their visits.

Case Study: Mr Tidwell

Mr Tidwell’s wife passed away some years prior to him having a stroke and after discharge from hospital he was unable to continue living at his own home. His daughter was living alone and she was happy to take on his care and he moved into her home.

Unfortunately his daughter became ill and at short notice was advised that she would need to go into hospital. Her father could not look after himself and would need daily assistance with showers, meals and shopping. One phone call to Extracare solved her problem. A plan was put in place to meet her father’s daily needs and the services commenced the next day.

The daughter’s hospitalisation continued for 3 weeks and when she was home again she realised the value of being able to get a break each week and continued to rely on Extracare to provide staff for 4 hours each week to stay with her father while she enjoyed some quality time of her own.

(The above stories are all too familiar. The names have been changed and does not relate directly to any past or present clients)

Will you know when it’s time to ask for some assistance and possibly avoid hospitalisation?